FTR Reporter™

FTR Reporter™ is a digital recording solution designed for courts that want to capture, playback, annotate, and archive proceedings of trials and hearings. Central to the FTR Gold® family of products, FTR Reporter supports recording of up to eight (8) channels of audio (with FTR Mixer), while its counterpart, FTR Reporter™ AN includes the addition of video capture. Additionally, both variants of the product combine all of the functionality found in other FTR Gold products such as FTR Log Notes® and TheRecord Player™.

Desirable features include:

  • Up to 8-channel recording
  • Confidence monitoring
  • Rapid duplication of selected portions of recordings
  • Consolidated interface for recording, note-taking and playback
  • Save recordings as an Audio CD
  • IP Camera Support

When used in conjunction with TheRecord Manager™, FTR’s robust content management solution, FTR Reporter and FTR Reporter AN exhibit extended capabilities such as real-time sealing of proceedings to CD/DVD or a protected network folder, concurrent dual archiving to both optical media and a network location,ability to verify the authenticity of recordings and signaling an alarm at the loss of an input signal.

Staying true to the FTR Gold heritage,FTR Reporter and FTR Reporter AN still feature simple “tape recorder-style ” controls that are easy for court staff to understand and use. Features such as confidence monitoring, CD/DVD or network archiving and simultaneous back-up to external removable media, offer courts the peace of mind that proceedings will be accurately recorded and safely archived. When combined with FTR Mixer™, FTR Reporter and FTR Reporter AN deliver up to 8-channel digital recording. Individual channel isolation and volume control during playback ensures a complete and accurate record of unmatched quality.


Improved efficiency, productivity & reliability

  • Customized Word Lists & “Hot Keys” expedite repetitive text entry
  • Case templates expedite set up of log sheets according to case types
  • Tabbed log sheets allow efficient management of multiple case log sheets
  • Instant access to specific testimony without fast-forwarding and rewinding tapes
  • Quickly detect source of lost input signal via built-in alarm

Convenience, ease of use & security

  • Virtually no impact on established processes & procedures
  • Minimum user training familiar interface & functionality similar to tape recorders
  • Verify authenticity of recordings at any time

Enhanced user experience

  • Compact view of Log Notes and Player

Help Your Court Function More Efficiently

Court Administrators

  • Achieve quick return on investment (ROI)
  • Lower optical media, storage & IT maintenance costs
  • Improve productivity without impacting court procedures
  • Take advantage of reliable, accurate & secure digital recording & storage

Court Clerks & Electronic Court Reporters (ECR)

  • Operate as easily as a conventional tape recorder
  • Enjoy complete control of audio playback volume & speed
  • Quickly duplicate specific portions of recordings to CD or DVD
  • Use “confidence monitoring” feature to ensure proper recording
  • More accurate notes linked to specific points within related recordings
  • Improve productivity by using “Hot Keys” to expedite repetitive text entry
  • Search & retrieve all log sheets & recordings associated with a particular case at the touch of a button

Judges & Hearing Officers

  • Make personal & private notes during trials & hearings
  • Instantly access any segment of testimony

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