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Most Affordable, Full Feature Dictation and Transcription System Available in the US

Designed for the needs of modern legal, medical, and business professionals, Voice Solutions represents the latest in digital dictation systems. Voice Solutions offer a variety of configurations, with systems ranging from 4-24 ports and 300 hours of voice media storage to 1000 with a multidrive Duplidisk setup. So whether you are a small doctor’s office or a large law firm, our system can be tailored to your needs.

Authors and transcriptionists can access the system both through locally wired dictatate/transcribe stations, or dial in from an outside telephone line using a touch-tone phone. With fully customizable User Accounts, each author or transcriptionist can have the functions and settings appropriate for their situation. As user needs change, so can the software. Voice Solutions will never become outdated.


Voice Solutions

  • 4-24 Phone Ports.
  • Up to 1000 hours of voice data storage.
  • Automated work routing.
  • Exclusive “work waiting” light on transcribe stations.
  • Optional Redundant Drives.
  • Powerful Windows 2000 OS.
  • Robust File Management System.
  • Several Transcriptions Options including network-based.


  • Affordable
    The Voice Solutions System is the first state of the art system that is affordable for law offices, medical clinics, small to medium sized hospitals and most businesses, including at-home transcription businesses. The Voice Solutions System is far less than the cost of its nearest competitor with similar features.
  • Phone-In Dictation
    Authors can dictate direct from their desks or call in dictation from any touch-tone telephone anywhere, even their cell-phone. All of the features assigned in the user profiles can be used off-site.
  • Exclusive Secretary Selection
    After logging on, authors can select the secretary or transcriptionist to whom they wish to send the next document. The Voice Solutions Exclusive Secretary document can be kept confidential to the selected secretary/transcriptionist.
  • Worktype and Subject Selection
    If checked in the author’s profile, worktype and subject (case, client or patient) numbers can be entered for precise record keeping and to enhance document distribution. This information is available via the Navigator screens on the system or network workstation and it can be printed to verify time and date of dictation and transcription.
  • Priority Alert
    The author using the Voice Solutions System need only touch a button on the keypad to mark the job Priority. Priority jobs are always presented first to the transcriptionist.
  • Exclusive Work Waiting Lights
    The Voice Solutions transcription stations are equipped with exclusive work waiting lights that will light only when work is in the system for a given secretary and flash for a priority. Voice Solutions is the only system with exclusive work lights.
  • Spoken Job Information
    Voice Solutions can verbally annotate the job information at the touch of a button on the transcribe station. The items and order of the spoken information can be configured uniquely for each secretary/transcriptionist in their user profile.
  • Remote Off-Site Transcription
    Voice Solutions transcribe stations will function directly from the system or over phone lines from off-site. The same easy-to-use function controls available to an on-site transcriptionist, are also available for an off-site transcriptionist.


With the point-&-click profile management screens, user customization is a snap. Assigning each user an ID number (whether author or transcriptionist), an administrator can assign personal greeting prompts, adjust Record or Playback volumes, enable/disable annotation data for a dictation, define special export paths, or preconfigure category defaults (like Secretary and Department #) all on an individual basis. Transcriptionist Profiles can be adjusted to retrieve documents based on the annotation assigned, such as by Patient/Case #, Author ID, Department, etc. Authors can assign priority to a job and direct them exclusively to a particular transcriptionist should they desire. The snapshots below showcase a few of the option screens available.

User Profiles

User Profiles

Flexible Multi-System Keypad Emulation

The Voice Solutions powerful keypad mapping utility allows an author or transcriptionist to operate the system with familiar keypad function controls. For the author, five popular system emulation models are provided (such as Lanier and Dictaphone) with five additional models available for customization. Three popular system emulation models are provided for transcriptionist with seven additional transcribe and/or review models customizable.

Keypad Emulation

Robust Voice-file Navigator

With our File Navigator you can search through the documents on the system using a variety of criteria such as: work for a particular transcriptionist, by a certain author, specified date(s), priority jobs, completed or in-queue files, and many more. All such criteria filters can be combined any way you desire and even be saved so consistently used filters (such as by transcriptionist) can be selected from a simple drop-down menu. In the enlarged image of the screen, you will notice that each job has several categories of information: who dictated it, when, what department, subject, job length, etc.

File Navigator

File Navigator

iChannel Transcription

We are living in a PC oriented office environment, it being the central hub, so to speak, of our productivity. The days of micros and digital transcribe stations are quickly being exchanged for software-based solutions. iChannel is the result of that changing need. Built with the average transcriptionist in mind, iChannel has one single, simplistic screen from which everything is accessible, yet there’s no shortage of features. This is the future.

iChannel Transcription

Jobs awaiting transcription, search criteria, as well as usernames and IDs are all readily available.

iChannel – Future

iChannel - Future

  • iChannel gives you the ability to view a list of jobs currently residing on the server, using a variety of filters.. When you see the job you want from the list, simply select it and its ready.
  • Easily redirect work to different transcriptionists.
  • Pull work from different servers in different cities with a click of a button.
  • Hear audible prompts guide you through the process.
  • Set up users to be reviewers or typists. Restrict access to certain jobs or to specific authors.
  • Add password protection.

iChannel - Future

Once retrieved, you can scroll through jobs, skip to another, or save your current position for later access.

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