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388 POCKET MEMO - Analog
388 POCKET MEMO – Analog

The Pocket Memo 388 is powerful, simple and uncomplicated dictation machine. The integrated charging device of the Pocket Memo 388 recharges the batteries while you work. The 4-position switch makes one-handed operation a snap – the Pocket Memo 388 is simply a “classic”.

725 Desktop Recorder / Transcriber
725 Desktop Recorder / Transcriber

The Dictation System 725 is designed for user-friendly professional-quality dictation. All major dictation functions can be controlled with one hand. The large LC display shows all the information needed to manage the workload, and the Search function offers rapid access to files.

730 Desktop Recorder / Transcriber
730 Desktop Recorder / Transcriber

The visual workflow display makes the Dictation and Transcription System 730 particularly popular among systematic dictation users. It delivers all relevant dictation information at a glance, allowing you to efficiently organize your recordings and conveniently structure your workload.

Pocket Memo 381
Pocket Memo 381

The Pocket Memo 381, opens the door to professional dictation. You can capture dictation anywhere with voice-activated recording. Whether in the office or on the go, dictate hands-free.

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