Digital Telephone Desktop 9850

Digital Telephone Desktop 9850

Call in your dictation – easy and secure call-in document creation

Simply pick up the phone and dictate into the Philips Digital Telephone Desktop 9850.

It can be accessed and operated using virtually any commercially available touchtone telephone, allowing your transcriptionist to transcribe urgent documents immediately. The moment you hang up, your recordings can be automatically downloaded via USB to your transcriptionist’s computer, an FTP server or an e-mail account. This allows for central file storage which increases security, ensuring that no files are lost, damaged or accessed by unauthorized persons.
Experience a new kind of mobility and freedom: the Philips Digital Telephone Desktop 9850 allows you to record dictations on the go, through the convenience of an everyday telephone connection.


  • Single-line call-in system using virtually any touchtone telephone.
  • Works with an exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card, the industry-standard storage media for input from mobile dictation devices.
  • Records in DSS file format, the industry-standard file format for digital recording devices that offers minimum file sizes while maintaining crystal-clear sound quality.
  • Automatic file download via USB to network, e-mail, or FTP the instant the author hangs up.
  • Up to 20 individual author ID numbers supported for clear file recognition.
  • Two separate author profiles are supported: standard and advanced.
  • Assign a two-digit work-type number for later filtering or sorting.
  • Voice prompts which guide you through the dictation process – pre-recorded languages available: English, French, German or Spanish.
  • Visual workflow display shows number of files and indices.
  • Graphical, backlit LC display and real-time counter.
  • Simple touchtone navigation.

Touchtone navigation


PC Requirements Windows XP®2000 SP3, XP.
Recommended: Pentium III, 500 MHz, 128 RAM

150 MB hard disk space.
Encoder •  DSS SP 1750 Bytes per sec/12 kHz/300-6,000 Hz.
•  DSS SPm 1166 Bytes per sec/8 kHz/300-4,000 Hz.
Possible Recording Sources •  Analog Telephone POTS*.
•  External microphone (optional).
•  Hands-free-foot control (optional).
Desktop Playback Options •  Hands-free-foot control (optional).
•  Tone/Speed/Volume Controls: Yes.
•  Skip/Auto Backspace Jog Dial: Yes.
Sound Output •  Speaker / Headphone / Speaker + Headphone.
•  Speaker output power 600 mW.
Sockets •  USB socket Mini-USB 2.0 full speed.
•  Headphone socket 3.5 mm.
•  Foot control socket 3.5 mm.
•  Microphone socket 2.5 mm.
Supported Memory •  Memory Type SD/MMC up to 2 GB.
•  Max no. recordings 512 [FAT 16 file format].
•  Max recording time 13 days [2 GB].
Dimension/Weight •  Weight: 2.86 pounds.
•  Dimensions: 9 x 5.3 x 1.7 inches.

* POTS stands for Plain Old Telephone Service. This name is recognized around the world for basic analog telephone service. APOTS line is a standard analog telephone line operating at narrow band speeds. POTS takes the lowest 4kHz of bandwidth on twisted par wiring.


  • Digital Telephone Desktop 9850.
  • Standard telephone cable (~ 10 feet).
  • USB download cable.
  • Philips Multimedia Card with pre-recorded voice prompt.
  • Foot Control 210.
  • Dictation Download Software.
  • Quick reference guide 9850.
  • Quick reference guide Speech Exec Dictate.

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