FTR Interrogator™

FTR Interrogator™ is a 2-channel digital, audio/video interview room recording and management solution. Designed specifically for investigators, FTR Interrogator enables them to capture, playback, annotate, save and otherwise manage recordings of interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses. Designed to match the simplicity of a standard DVD-recorder, FTR Interrogator delivers a robust solution that does not require extensive changes to existing processes and procedures.

Valuable features of FTR Interrogator include:

  • Time-date-room watermark on each recorded frame
  • Ability to create linked notes as bookmarks to specific recording points
  • Rapid search & retrieval of recordings and associated notes


  • Ability to view live interviews from your own desktop Save recordings to a range of formats
  • Import field recordings from handheld recorders
  • Archive to both DVD & a network location simultaneously
  • Secure storage of recordings on network, with access restricted to authorized users only

For maximum flexibility, the FTR Interrogator product line is available in two configurations: (i) FTR Interrogator, which facilitates recording and annotating of interviews, and (ii) FTR Interrogator Lite, which offers several tools to aid in reviewing interview recordings at individual investigators’ desks quickly and easily. FTR Interrogator facilitates recording and annotating of interviews. FTR Interrogator Lite, on the other hand, supports activities such as remote viewing/annotating of live interviews. It also offers several tools to aid in reviewing interview recordings at individual investigators’ desks quickly and easily.

When recording with FTR Interrogator, a time-date-room watermark is embedded on each recorded video frame, which means that the authenticity of the recording can be verified at any time. While recording is in progress, the content can be concurrently archived to a DVD or restricted network folder, or both.

Using either version, users can create time-stamped notes or ‘bookmarks’ that are linked directly to specific points within interview recordings. Rather than constantly rewinding and fast-forwarding through an interview recording tape or DVD video during review, these linked notes can be rapidly searched to instantly play corresponding audio/video at the point each note was taken. Field recordings from select hand-held voice recorders can also be imported to become part of the same permanent record as the interview room recordings for a particular case. FTR Interrogator Lite can also be used as a standalone interview recording solution when used in conjunction with a supported hand-held recorder.

FTR Interrogator’s rich, usable feature set, combined with the simplicity and versatility of its operation, makes it the perfect choice for agencies where a single cost-effective solution for capturing & managing interview recordings is desired.

How FTR Interrogator Helps You


  • Minimal training – as simple as a DVD recorder
  • Additional investigators can view live interviews from the convenience of their desks Search and retrieve specific interview recordings from the network
  • Instantly access relevant points in a given recording – no rewinding or fast forwarding Duplicate all, or portions of, interviews to DVD for sharing with external parties
  • Import field recordings to consolidate them with in-room interviews related to the same case

Prosecution and Defense

  • Gain immediate access to interview recordings
  • Quickly access investigators’ bookmarks to specific points of interest within an interview Make personal linked notes and increase productivity
  • Save valuable review time with superior quality recordings Create an effective in-court presentation

IT/Command Staff

  • High quality audio/video recordings in a smaller file size Improve productivity without changing established procedures View live interviews remotely from the convenience of your office

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