725 Desktop Recorder / Transcriber

725 Desktop Recorder / Transcriber

The Dictation System 725 is designed for user-friendly professional-quality dictation. All major dictation functions can be controlled with one hand. The large LC display shows all the information needed to manage the workload, and the Search function offers rapid access to files.

Just add a headphone and a foot pedal and your Desktop 725 becomes an advanced transcription machine.


  • Fast return to the beginning of the tape with Auto Rewind.
  • Quick access to the start of the next job with Search Forward and Skip functions.
  • LCD Tape Counter shows information stored on cassette.
  • Fast access to any part of the tape with Turbo Wind.
  • Monitor Fast Forward and Rewind with Audible Scan.
  • Fast Erase enables swift deletion of confidential recordings.
  • Optimum transcription playback quality with Volume, Tone and Speed Controls.
  • Automatic Switch-Off avoids unintentional operation.
  • Record Protection saves valuable dictation.
  • 2 Level Adjustable Microphone Sensitivity for conference or close range recordings.
  • End-of-Letter, Priority and Special Instruction Index Tones.
  • Pause transcription without missing a word with Auto.


Weight 1150 grams
Dimensions 135 x 232 x 50 mm.
Acoustic frequency response 200 – 6,000 Hz.
Output power > 600 mW.
Earphones socket
Foot Control socket
Microphone socket
Power Supply socket


  • Executive Desktop 725.
  • Mini Cassette 005 (30 min).
  • Microphone 276.
  • Power Supply 155.

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