SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set 7277

SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set 7277

The most comfortable way to transcribe dictations ever.

SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set 7277 is a powerful and user-friendly digital transcription system that turns your computer into a highly sophisticated transcription machine. Providing a whole range of benefits to the busy transcriptionist, the software streamlines communications and allows you to organize recordings clearly and transparently. Together with a set of ergonomic accessories, SpeechExec Pro Transcription Set 7277 is the solution that sets the pace in today’s fast-moving business world.


  • Manage your workload.
  • Visual workflow management enables priority documents to be transcribed in order of preference.
  • Actual job information during transcription provides all relevant dictation data, such as length, author name, key words and priority status. Individual organization of workload with multiple sort/filter options.
  • Clear job overview (dictation, author information, length etc.) allows more efficient organization and planning of workloads.
  • “New job” alarm for immediate transcription start.
  • Foot Control can be used to operate transcription functions.
  • Ergonomic earphones reduce physical stress.
  • Excellent DSS sound quality.
  • Automatic transfer of dictation files via network, e-mail and FTP.
  • Speech Recognition-ready.
  • Worklist / Workflow

  • Familiar folder view (looks like Windows® Explorer).
  • Configurable work list: filter/sort, hide/show columns etc.
  • Job status indication: shows if a dictation is pending, in progress, finished.
  • Automatic file management built in: file is moved automatically e.g. for archiving.
  • Link to speech recognition – interface built in.
  • Digital Pocket Memo download.
  • Automatic / manual email and FTP delivery.
  • Automatic backup.
  • Encryption / decryption (HIPAA compliant).
  • Notification of transcriptionist of new job.


PC requirements
  • Minimum: Pentium II, 233 MHz and 64 MB RAM.
  • Recommended: Pentium III, 500 MHz and 128 MB RAM.
  • Min. hard disk capacity: 150 MB.
  • Control connection: self-powered USB port (for USB devices).
Software Requirements
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 (SP3 for Digital Pocket Memo support).
  • Microsoft Windows XP.

For all listed operating systems, we recommend to apply the latest Service Pack available before installing SpeechExec.

Network Requirements
  • Recommended minium transfer rate for LAN: 100Mbit/s.


  • SpeechExec Pro Transcribe Software.
  • Foot Control 210.
  • Earphones 234.
  • USB Software Dongle.
  • Installation Guide.
  • USB Adapter (no Sound Card required).

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